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I can't get IPC to create a product system. I have tried to update olca-ipc several ways (pip does not seem to install the version on github - the version with the create_product_system definition, and update does nothing - message is that the package is up to date. 

I downloaded the zip from github (with updated ipc.py) and executed setup.py. subsequently I copied the olca directory from the extracted zip to the Anaconda site-packages/olca location. I still get the error message above.

i tried modifying this line: 474: r = self.__post('create/product_system'... by changing / and _ to match the syntax of other lines below, but get the same error.

What am I doing wrong? thanks

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The current olca-ipc which you can install via pip, should have this function (https://greendelta.github.io/olca-ipc.py/olca/ipc.html#olca.ipc.Client.create_product_system) implemented; therefore you could try to install olca-ipc in another environment or un-install and re-install olca-ipc?

pip uninstall olca-ipc
pip install -U olca-ipc