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I am trying to combine Python (Jupiter Notebook) and openLCA. Here I am trying myself on the parameterized process according to this tutorial:


Unfortunately I never get further than to the creation of a new output flow. For the line

new_flow = olca.product_flow_of('machined steel section', mass)

I always get the error:

module 'olca' has no attribute 'product_flow_of'

Also with other commands like "waste_flow_of". I am doing everything according to the tutorial and have already tried to install an older version of the olca ipc API. I use the "pip install -U olca-ipc" command for installation. When using the dir(olca) command, these commands are also not listed.

I am new to both Python and openLCA so I hope it's not a rookie mistake. Thanks very much for any hints.


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I actually solved it myself now. First I installed git via "conda install git", then I used the "pip install -U git+https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-ipc.py.git/@master" command to install olca. Here all commands are included. Maybe it'll be of help for somebody else

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