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I have following question: I am trying to manipulate values in the product system I built trough the usage of global parameters that I can redefine in Python with the olca package. Now it would be very handy to also be able to get a complete list of the parameter values that I set when I implemented them.
I coulnd't find out how to do this so far. I know that this also works by hand but this gets very frustrating as soon I am trying to adjust many parameters repeatedly.
Any help would be very appreciated!
Thank in advance!
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I hope I understood your question right but maybe it is an option to write the parameters in a csv file and use python to read the parameters into openLCA? That way you basically start out with a complete list of parameters.

Here is the code to do this. See my question "Not working: Calculate a product system with parameter values from a csv file" for further details if something is not working.

Maybe this is of some help.

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