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I just imported the ecoinvent 3.7 database and have following problem.

According to openLCA a "system process" is an aggregated process (LCI) and a "unit process" the "smallest unit analysed for which input and output data are quantified".

Now i looked at two "unit processes" one

- "market for nylon 6, Cutoff, U - RER"

and "nylon 6 production, Cutoff, U - RER"

The "market" unit process includes the "product flows"

and the "prodcution" unit process includes the "elementary flows".

I though the "system processes" include the "elementary flows"? Or is an ecoinvent "production proccess" a system process in open LCA? and why is it then calles a unit process?

Thank you heaps for your help in advance!
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Hi Lisa,

it's easy - also unit processes can contain elementary flows, only system processes typically have more flows and (if complete supply chains are aggregated) contain only elementary flows apart from the produced product / the treated waste.

Hth, Andreas