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Hi everyone,

the product  system presented comprises 7 different  processes  (1-7) of the  econinvent  3.6  database, which were linked by newly created  product  flows:

The product  system represents the demolition and treatment of reinforced concrete.  For example a quantity of crushed concrete of 500m3 will go through the entire product system  (or the 7 different processes) and accordingly all energy and fuel consumption will be adapted to it. How do I do that?

My problem is that in the ecoinvent datasets only takes e.g. the diesel consumption into account, which is necessary for the processing of 1m3 (in the process “excavation, hydraulic digger”) and not for th hole 500m3.

Or does the quantity only need to be adjusted in the product system  under "target amount"? But then I believe that not all expenses of all processes will be adjusted?  

Is my approach  and understanding fundamentally correct?

Thanks in advance for any response.

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Hi Max,

yes indeed, if you want to model the demolition of 500m³, then this is your target amount. Then, you will only need to observe that for every process in the chain, the relation of input and output is correct. If this is the case, all other connected products, and also other flows going in and out of these processes, will be scaled accordingly.

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I think so ;)