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I keep getting an error message when trying to create a new process.  Also when I try to validate Ecoinvent database - ecoinvent_34_cutoff_unit_2018031 - it finds errors.  Can you please advise.  Please see attached images that shows errors. 

 If you are unable to open messages the error messages say the following:

"An internal error occurred - failed to create RootEntry (type=Process, refid=1ad13c06-4ef3-8cb0-2ce5e8e8e4c2, name=LMD Textiles). See the log file (under Help) for further information.

the other error seems to be multiple and reads as follows:

"Errors (14951 in 14951 models)



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I would also like to add that I am also getting the following error that does not allow impacts to be loaded when I run an analysis.

"An internal error occurred

failed to load impact factors
See the log file (under help) for further information"


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Then it seems your database needs some fixes. Often these are incorrect formulas (e.g, decimals with comma). You see more detailed information on the errors in the log file.