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I am seeking to export a SIMAPRO process into ILCD format.  This type of conversion is key to promoting open exchange of information and getting everyone to agree to environmental burden results is key towards driving them down. OpenLCA used to have a format converter for this, but now when I click on the link in your website to download a window opens up stating "Results Not Found".  PRE has been no help.  

Any insights are appreciated.
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Hi Paul,

a better way could be to import the SimaPro csv into openLCA and to export ILCD from openLCA. The format converter is still there, at the download page (I just fixed a link from the format converter page to this download page, sorry for this), but the converter was last updated in 2013, while the ILCD export from openLCA has been further improved, and the csv import works quite nicely I think. There is now also the possibility to apply flow mappings, in openLCA with data present, or at the import or export.

PRE has been no help. Well I think that SimaPro is basically a software with the concept of ecoinvent 2 and EcoSpold1 from > 15 years ago, and has quite some difficulties to consider more flexible data management and data formats, so it is not so easy for PRĂ©.

Hth, Andreas