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I would like to know how to create a new category : renewable energy mix EU2030,  in order to make a sensitivity assessment of European electricity mix in 2030: 50% renw/ 50% fossil sources.

How should I model it? What processes should I choose for wind onshore/offshore, solar, geothermal etc?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

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An input process. For example: I have the electricty mix from Germany from ecoinvent, and data is from 2014. But I want to model it with data from electricity mix of year 2020, or 2030. How can it be done? Can I modify a process?

Thank you!

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Hi Blanca,

thank you for your further explanation - you can of course edit and change an existing unit process. To do this, ideally make a copy of the process, paste it into a specific folder in your process category tree, and edit this copy.

You can then of course also rename the process etc. Then use this process in your product system.

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