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I want to allocate 46% of the environmental impacts due to electricity generation to a process since there are two products being created from this process (of which one product is outside my system boundary) but when I try to enter 0.46 in the allocation tab under causal allocation, it changes back to 1.0 whenever I save.

Is it possible to allocate for a flow within a process?
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Hi Helen, I don't understand? You can of course allocate flows to different products in a process. I made this entirely stupid process for illustration:

..it has two products, and I can of course allocate using individual, causal factors:

..save, and the factors remain as I had entered them?

I am using openLCA 1.10.3.

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Thanks Andreas. Sorry, I was confusing myself earlier. I set up two of the same product and allocated it accordingly. Thanks for the example.