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I have a multi output process that I modeled in openLCA (1.7.0 on Mac). One of the outputs is heat (heat, district or industrial, other than natural gas). When I want to calculate the allocation factors for my other output processes I need to mark this as an avoided product. Otherwise the other allocation factors are calculated to zero. Why is this? I have not assigned any price to the heat (but to my other three products which I am interested in). Do I have to give heat a price as well or is there a bug?
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"for my other output processes"

- you mean output products? Checking "avoided product" means that you apply system expansion, thus these products are not considered in allocation (and it is not a bug).

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the system expansion product is then removed from the process, and only the rest is subject to allocation. I would say this is uncommon but not incorrect.
I do not understand your 2nd sentence - he has modeled a similar process and has not encountered this problem - he marked the product also as avoided product? But maybe we have solved it now.