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Dear OpenLCA Team,

I just don't know if the Circular Footprint Formula (CFF) is already included in the System Processes in OpenLCA, when using the Ef secondarydata.

For example, I want to do a PEF for pasta and I choose as packaging the process "Carton board, production mix, at plant, Kraft Pulping Process, pulp pressing and drying, box manufacturing, 280 g/m2 - EU-28+EFTA", does this process already contain the whole (CFF) or do I still have to calculate the burdens and credits of the End of life stage on my own?

In the Parameters of the process I can see the R2 and R3 values of the Product. Does That mean that the process already contains the burdens of the recycling process and the specific emissions and resources consumed (per functional unit) that would have arisen from the acquisition and pre-processing of virgin material assumed to be substituted by recyclable materials or do I still have to model a End of life process for the packaging on my own using the CFF?
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