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what is the best way to proceed if I want to create an EPD according to 15804 with openLCA? I already have an ecoinvent license, but this alone is not enough to create an EPD right? How can I integrate the SBK Bepalingsmethode with the given characterization factors (in Excel) into openLCA to perform an assessment with this impact assessment method?

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The EuGeos extension of ecoinvent is good for EPDs, it has a suitable LCIA method to cover also the more recent "A2" version of EN15804.

With the SBK Bepalingsmethode, this is a bit complicated, we had quite some discussions with the Dutch organisation releasing the method and the specific database (https://milieudatabase.nl), and were told that unfortunately, the database can only be made accessible to SimaPro users. This is of course a somewhat surprising answer in a world where the European Commission sues Google for ranking own products better, but we need to live with that I think. We could of course support creation of the SBK Bepalingsmethode in openLCA, linked to our reference flows, if this is interesting to you. Let me know.

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Nell, thanks for opening this discussion. For interest, is the SBK Bepalingsmethode and the Nationale Milieudatabase somehow displacing the MKI (milieukostindicator)? Or are they both being applied, but in different contexts?
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