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I teach an LCA course and have students having major issues using ReCiPe Midpoint 2016 with an outdated version of LCIA methods (2.0.3), particularly for land and water use impact categories. Major flow mapping issues. I am exploring whether upgrading their methods packs to 2.1 would help. On nexus, it says that the 2.1 methods pack is compatible with all versions of ecoinvent 3. However, within the methods in the openLCA GUI, when you open ReCiPe Midpoint H 2016, the description says "compatible with ecoinvent 3.6 and 3.7." Which is correct? 

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Wich version of ecoinvent are you using? (e.g. the regionalized one?)
Which is the exact issue are you experiencing?

Anyway, I suggest you to use the 2.0.5 verison of the methods if you are not on 3.6 and select the non regionalized version of ecoinvent, if it is feasible of course. Anyway, the description you see in the method section sohould came directly from Pré, so it may not be related to the version adapted for OpenLCA.
Another way could be  to download the methods set which are specific for the ecoinvent db you have: "ecoinvent LCIA methods".