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We found your code to use with our database and we tried to implement it following the steps described in the readme without success.

We tried also implementing solutions we found on Internet, but they didn't work as well. We are blocked executing the peflocus command, which we get "not found" using the mac and pc terminal as well as visual studio code terminal.

Notice that we found some documentation that explained we may use a .exe file included in the repository, but we didn't find any .exe file (source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EX8rVM2Lf1hSAWNPwtfXPrnVZk5yeSUM/view).

Could you help us with that issue? Maybe we have missed some steps, we will be so grateful.

Many thanks in advance. Let us know how we can use the repository.



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Hi Cristina,

I did not check the google drive link, the peflocus documentation here https://github.com/msrocka/peflocus explains that peflocus is a command line tool, and shows also the commands how to use it. It is a bit older but still works. If you need support, we can of course help, send us then please a direct message (e.g. via GreenDelta.com, contact).

Thank you, Andreas