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I'm just trying to come up to speed on Open LCA and playing around with some processes for which I know the emission factors to see if when I calculate them I get the same thing.

I imported the USLCI Transport, passenger truck, gasoline powered process with a target amount 1p*km.  When I select direct calculate with Recipe 2016 midpoint H impact assessment method, I get an empty graph for Global Warming Impact top 5 contributors to impact category.  The impact analysis tab shows all zeros.  

When I look at the inventory results I see CO2 of 0.179kg which does not seem to agree with the GREET model which is cited as the source? (for LDT1 it says 0.424kg/mile or 0.288kg/km, right?)
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(yes, the USLCI version we have now on Nexus is not so good for comparison, it seems as if we have a new version soon that reflects the newer LCACommons version for openLCA - more soon)

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