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For a particular project related to food, we are using a food database to do an analysis of procurement. I have been trying to connect to the database using OpenLCA and the Olca Python package with mixed success.

With help from other questions in this forum I have been able to connect, build a product system, calculate the system, and export the results of the many processes I need.

However, when comparing the results from the Olca method to calculation within OpenLCA, the results come out different.

The export from OpenLCA is more in-depth and seems to go a lot deeper than the Olca analysis. There are flows missing in every sheet in the Excel export.

So far I have tried:
1. Using various calculation methods in Olca
2. Different databases to cross-compare
3. Different Impact Assessments

I have seen similar questions but no real answers as to how to retreive the same Excel export from Olca-IPC as one can from OpenLCA, meaning the same level of detail.

You can find my code here.

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Hi, can you identify/reproduce, how the differences in the underlying inventories (i.e. included flows) are generated?

Are you 100% sure, that you use identical ...

a) ... ways of creating the product systems (provider linking, preferred process type, cut-off)

b) ...  calculation setups (same allocation method)

... in both the openLCA client as well as in olca-ipc?

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I will do that and compare! I guess this is a side-question then, but what is the function of "Direct Calculation" if it's not the same as calculating the impact of a single process and 1 functional unit?

My day is kind of booked, but I will try to look that up myself also.

I will compare the results of a product system later this week.