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I am trying to conduct a process flow to create a product system. However, what I have placed into my inputs and outputs are elementary flows (and can only be found within elementary flows). I have realised that elementary flows cannot be used for connecting processes and are not shown in the graph. Therefore, when creating my product system, nothing shows up. 

I am trying to create 1kg of hydrogen using electrolysis methodology. For my inputs of creating hydrogen, I have "Energy, solar, converted - 39kWh" and "Water - 0.009m^3" (both elementary flows).

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


Benjamin Robinson

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When you create a new flow make sure to mark the flow type as "Product" instead of Elementary flow if you want to link flows between processes.
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The product is electricity. So you have to add electricity as an input and choose the provider accordingly (pv panel). It seems like you are very new to the topic of LCA. Maybe you should start with some reading about the basics (no offense)