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When will ecoinvent 3.8 be available on nexus?
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Hi, Tim,

We received many questions about ecoinvent 3.8, so probably good to give a public answer here. Ecoinvent distributed the files to resellers less than a week ago, and we are now exploring them. In the past, we were typically really fast with releasing "our" ecoinvent version, also in comparison to other LCA tools, but it could be that the integration requires some more work for us (for moving from ecoinvent 2 to 3, we revised the software quite a bit, for example), so I would not like to set a hard deadline now. But I can assure you that we again try to provide the new version fast, but at the same time tested and so that we think it is good to use, and thus ask for your patience so far. Thank you.


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Is there any new information on how long it will take from now on?