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For my internship I need to have a cradle-to-gate global warming impact of a product, expressed in kg CO2 eq. It is ok to use estimates and my answer does not have to be very precise, just a ball park figure. I am new to doing LCA’s and using LCA software, but I did watch the tutorials on Youtube. I am using openLCA 1.10.3. My question:

What is the best database and impact assessment method for my project (only if it is really necessary I can purchase a database, so preferably a free database)? The product mainly consist of aluminium from China, other metals (e.g. AlMg3) from China, plastics from China, and rubber from China. The products are assembled in the Netherlands. I know the mass of the raw materials and I think I can track down the price per kg of the materials.

A problem that I run into (and this might give an idea of how far I am in understanding the software) is that when I perform a direct calculation the ‘Top 5 contributions to impact category results - overview’ remains empty. This is just a test run with two inputs from EXIOBASE and having used EXIOBASE - input factors and ReCePi midpoint (H) as impact assessment methods (I just selected something for the test run). The inputs are aluminium and aluminium products from China and Rubber and plastic products from China, for which I converted the unit from EUR to mass.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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