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for my bachelor thesis i am doing an lca for pet bottles and other milk packaging options. Currently im trying to set up the product system for the pet bottle. When I calculate the system i get negative values for the water consumption (RECIPE 2016 Midpoint H) and I don't know why. So I tried to change the value in 'Abfüllprozess' but I don't get any difference in the calculation. So I really despair. Has any one a clue? 



Here is the product system. For some reason the Co2 aq. is also high for the transport an the rest not. It seems like the processes after the transport are not considered in the Calculation.

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Check please this post on downstream and upstream calculation, https://ask.openlca.org/4502/open-lca-does-not-calculate-my-downstream-processes, I think this is the issue in your case.

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I created a waste flow calles Abwasser in the Abfüllung process as output but it didn#t sove the problem. Wehen i calculated the system i got the same parameters as before. They didn't change at all.  I use the probas + data. Could that be a problem too? Or is it the process Transport that is the problem? Because it seems like open lca got stuck after that process.