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Dear OpenLCA community,

In my Agri-footprint 5 (OpenLCA 1.10.3), the "Carbon dioxide" elementary flow located in "Elementary flows > Emission to air > unspecified" is produced by >1400 processes, but it is not recognized by any of the LCIA 2.1.1 methods (my "Impact factors" tab is completely empty).

This means that if I (for example) take the "Transport, truck 10-20t, EURO4, 100%LF, default Economic" process, its direct emissions of "Carbon dioxide" will not contribute to any Global Warming impact in the "Impact analysis" tab (regardless of the chosen LCIA method, see e.g. IPCC 2013 GWP 100a). The only  substances contributing to Global Warming are CH4 and N2O. This is very weird!

I have already tried to delete the database from my OpenLCA, download it again, and re-import the LCIA 2.1.1 methods. The problem keeps on being there.

Any suggestion/help?

All the best,

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Hi Alberto,

sorry for the slow response, you were indeed right, this was a mistake in the released Agri-Footprint database. We fixed it now and have uploaded a new version of Agri-Footprint 5 to Nexus. Thank you for spotting it!

Best wishes,