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Hello dear openLCA community,

I would like to compare the CO2 footprint between a fuel cell module and a diesel genset for a university project.

I would like to start with the primary energy production, over the processing to secondary energies (diesel; hydrogen) up to the final conversion into electricity in the respective aggregate. There are plenty of studies on this by probas and probas+.

My problem is that I am completely inexperienced in the field of openLCA and I only want to determine the operational footprint; not the expenditure for the infrastructure (steel of the diesel aggregate etc.).

My thought process is that I simply delete the steel/concrete/sand inputs from the present process and then create a GWP100 footprint through the CML baseline. That I simply clean up the present sub-process, so to speak.

Is this possible in this way? And if so, how does this work best?
If someone is willing to help me I would also pay some compensation.

Thank you very much in advance and with kind regards
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