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I am trying to implement an EPD for a construction product and I combined three databases (EF, ELCD and NEEDS) to include all the needed inputs and outputs to my product. Nevertheless, I noticed that when assessing the impact of my product, I do not get results for all the indicators requested in the EN 15804 (e.g. Energy indicators).

In previous questions, I read that is recommended to use ecoinvent and EuGeos for EPD, which are not free.

Is it possible to realize an EPD using only free software and free databases?

If any flow/process/result is missing, can I calculate by my own (e.g. energy) and add them manualy?

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Typically you need to use a background database recognised by the PCR/EPD program operator for EPDs, or demonstrate that your database is equivalent, which is always difficult, even more so for e.g. the ELCD database which is by now really outdated and since beginning has technical issues.