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I am using the OpenLCA software to calculate the impacts from the electricity market, high voltage, NL using EcoInvent 3.7 and Recipe 2008 and 2016. I found that the impact for Fossil Fuel Depletion and Mineral Resource Scarcity are zero if one uses Recipe 2016.

However, the process shows that a high percentage of fossil fuels (coal, gas) is used for electricity generation in the NL, for which you expect some value on these two impacts. How is this possible? Especially if the previous Recipe version (2008) did have a value for these.

I am aware some changes were made to the EcoInvent 3.7 relative to EcoInvent 3.6, and also for the Recipe 2016 relative to Recipe 2008, but it is not clear from the documentation on changes what these explicit changes were for the electricity market and how it affects the OpenLCA results. Could you clarify this?

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