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Hello, I was playing around with OpenLCA and the ecoinvent database, trying to understand how flows are aggregated.

With a very simple process that consume 1kg of CO2 in input, I tried to vary the output of CO2 to see how the GWP impact was calculated, and it seems to make a "jump" between 0.99...kg and 1kg of CO2 output. It does not seem coherent to me, am I just a dumb beginner or is there a clever explanation?

You can find below the process I used my graph with different parameters. The method I'm using is "ei -  ReCiPe Midpoint (I)".

There are zero-quantity flows that I used before trying other stuff.

Here you can see that the impact converge towards zero, which seems coherent with a process that produces as much GHG than it uses, but with CO2 input = CO2 output it reverses completely.

Thank you very much for your time and congratulation for developing this awesome software! 


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