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I'm conducting some LCA studies for an automotive spare parts manufacturer, and wondered if we could conduct LCA studies for Processes that have a high environmental impact like forging, Die Casting or Stamping. But haven't found any mention of LCAs being purely product centric as per the Standards.

Would love to know the possibility on the same.
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Hello Kingpin,

You decide yourself what the functional unit of your analysis is. It is very possible to model the environmental impacts of a process, in fact it happens all the time as a part of larger analyses.

Choose a unit of analysis, and scope: This could be one stamped sheet of x type steel, of x thickness, with x surface treatment. Remember to do a full scoping per the standard you have chosen.

Gather LCI data: Gather all the inputs and outputs necessary to fulfill the unit of analysis. In the given case it will focus on a sheet of steel, so remember to include that as well.

Calculate LCIA results: Model in OpenLCA, and gather your results.

Interpret: Investigate what the results tell you. Divide the processes into raw materials and process, to investigate the impacts from just stamping. Just remember that stamping is a part of a life cycle, and that it produces a product with a functional unit. The process itself, without the steel, is not actually anything.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck.