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I imported the impact assessment methods from ecoinvent 3.7 and am using TRACI. Why is Resource Depletion missing from the list of impact categories?

Is there any way of adding that into the list before I run my results?

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Hi Helen,

thank you for your question, I think resource depletion is not addressed in Traci 2.1, there is only this "stubble" of fossil fuel energy CF

where crude oil from shale and brown coal open pit have a factor of 0 - you could of course add this yourself to the method. The EPA website does not list resoures as impact category for Traci (https://www.epa.gov/chemical-research/tool-reduction-and-assessment-chemicals-and-other-environmental-impacts-traci):

Also in the openLCA LCIA package, resource depletion for Traci 2.1 is not listed.

Best wishes,