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I know these issues have been described in previous but I am having serious problems getting openLCA 1.10.3 to import lcic methods. I have two Macs that I am trying to do this on: one is the new M1Pro 16" and the other is the intel based Mac 16"

1. On the M1Pro, when I create a new database or when I restore an older exported database and then try to import the zipped openLCA methods file (any version from 2.0 to 2.3), the import starts and then immediately stops without actually adding the methods.

2. On my older intel Mac, I have to go back to version 2_1 to get it to import. All later versions behave just like above (it starts to import, stops right away without importing the methods).

I really need help with this!
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I figured it out This is important for people to know about Macs and compression. By default, Safari automatically expands compressed files. In order to import the file, I had to re-compress the file. Apparently, whatever approach Mac uses to compress, it creates a file that openLCA refuses to import.

So...go into the preferences for safari, click on the General tab and UNCHECK the "Open safe files automatically" option.

On downloading the methods file, it remains compressed and apparently it can be read properly by openLCA
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Was having the same issue with my Mac, this worked perfectly.