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Hi there, 

I am having issues importing a json database. I'm getting the following error:

mainERRORorg.openlca.app.wizards.io.JsonImportWizardJSON import failed

Wondering if anyone could help me with that. 


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Hi, can you maybe explain a bit more? Now it is a bit as if you say: my car does not start. Wondering if anyhone can help me with that.

Thank you!


- just edit your question to add details if you like

- edited based on your comment: please check the JSON, it should contain subfolders with processes, flows, etc.
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Hi Andreas,

I figured the reason for the error. I wanted to post it here in case someone else is having the same issue. The reason the database was not being imported was the location of the zipped file. The zipped file has to be in the same folder as your openLCA application for it to be imported.