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My LCA studies mostly focus on the end of life (waste management) part of life cycle. In every single processes that I use from ecoinvent are include the production processes, e.g. for transportation, I'm using small truck or van to transport the waste from one point to another point, then when I try to do the model graph, I can't find process that not involve production part, so it still involves production process of the truck or van. Because I'm not considering the emissions from the production part, only during transporting. Could you help me on this?  Thanks
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Right, when you build a product system with the `auto-link` function all processes (also the production processes in your example) are included. You can uncheck the `auto-link` function when creating a product system. Then, you can link the processes you want by hand in the product system graph. This is maybe too cumbersome with the ecoinvent unit processes and an option could be to remove them via a small Python script from the product system.

But you could also just calculate the result for all processes, export the results to Excel. There you get a table with all the result contributions. To get the results without the production processes, you could simply subtract these contributions from the total results in Excel.