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There are many kinds of impact assessment methods when doing the calculation properties, such as "CML-IA" "AWARE" "custom method" and so on. How to judge which is the proper one? I am new to openLCA. Thanks for you feedback!

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I have checked similar studies to my study as reference in literature. I'm not a professional user of Open LCA but for beginning you can start to check the literature and look which impact assesment methods were used in similar studies.

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to add to this, you can often find prescribed life cycle impact assessment methods in the product category rules (PCR) for environmental product declarations. if there is a PCR that may be relevant for product you wish to assess it would be worth checking what LCIA's it requires, even if you're not conducting an EPD.

you can look up PCR's on the environdec website, you will need to be logged in to view/download the PCR's
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Did you ever find guidance on how to choose the right impact method?