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I am currently working on my Master-Thesis and I use the software openLCA. I have never worked with the programm "openLCA", so I am not an expert (I have made some tutorials to get into the programm - basic things are present).

So my questions is - Is it possible to use Emissions as Input-Data, for example "1-propanol"  with Emission of 3,031 kg CO2 Eq. (IPCC 2001 - GWP 100a). And if it is possible - do I create a new flow (because as I already mentioned I want do use it as an Input and as I know I do need to create flows for that).
Its maybe a very simple question for somebody, but it is quite hard to get into a topic that is nowhere near what I have studied (mechanical engineering) .
I hope you can help me - Thank you.
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Yes it is technically possible in openLCA, but of course you need to question why a process should have emissions as input. E.g. why would you have, in reality, a process that has as input of 50 g 1-propanol from air?
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Thank you for your information. Maybe I have described it a little bit wrong. I have data which is not available in the ecoinvent database and I want to add it for my calculation. Is this possible and If yes how can I do it - its quite difficult to find information about that.
Is it also possible to create a own emission factor  - for example that I can manually add a factor for 1kg of a material (example  for a production of 1kg polyethylene terephthalate with 1.2799 kg C02 Eq.) This data was obtained from a previous calculation/LCA for the total production of PET.