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The exemple: carbon fibres, I've been looking for inputs/outputs for cf production and there is no good data available and companies aren't open about sharing their information, but there is an association who avarages data from many companies hence the numbers they disclose are emissions: eq CO2, SOx and NOx. If I want to use carbon fibre produced in japan this data is the most suitable for me, but I dont know if I should put this emissions as input or output, and what are the consequences for other impact cathegories if all I have are emissions, should I only focus on global warming as impact cathegory?
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Yes you can.

Put the target amount (e.g. kg of carbon fibre) in the input column and import emissions data per kg (e.g. 50 g CO2 eq/ kg carbon fibre) into the output column in OpenLCA. Then you can calculate all the impacts (not just GWP) based on the LCA method you choose.

Or you can import total emissions and total carbon fibre production amount (e.g. 1000 kg per year) into the LCA, then it calculates the impact per functional unit.

I hope this helps.