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If a result of a LCA shows that 95% of the emissions are generated during the use phase of a produc system, how to justify any investments (efforts to minimise environmental impacts) on the other 5% (lets say 3% parts production, 0,5% transportation and 1,5% end of life)? My example: drone delivery
It seems obvious that the majority of the efforts should be focused on the energy use, energy mix and eficiency improvements, but this has been driving the literature towards gate-to-gate approach and I don't know how to justify any investments on a cradle-to-cradle model or circularity based on the LCA results out there....
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Interesting - two answers:

1, maybe it is then an indication not go to the full cradle to grave system,

2, in a comparison of several drones, the use phase could be identical but the remaining 5% could be making the difference, and then it seems worthwhile to analyse these further.

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