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We are working in a project trying to estimate the environmental footprint from production and end-of-life of single-use medical equipment.
We managed to determine carbon footprint from manufacturing of single-use medical devices using ef_secondarydata_201908 database. As medical biowaste, single use equipment is required to be disposed via high temperature incineration. We have not been able to calculate emissions from incineration of our equipment.

To calculate emissions from the manufacturing process, I created a process where the inputs were the weight of different material composition and the output was 1 item (Snare A, for example).

If we would like to calculate emissions from incineration of this kind of materials, were should we place the materials (input or output) and what kind of flow should we choose for incineration? After reading your tutorials and videos we do not understand the way to do it. We have tried these methods with no success

Thank you in advance

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