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I'm currently doing an LCA which needs to be critically reviewed.
I know that ISO 14071 has a template for a critical review report table, but I would be very interested in some examples of a real critical review. I couldn't find any documents online which give me insights on the practice of conducting a critical review, I only find (few) final review statements, without many helpful information about what was reviewed/discussed/found to be missing in the LCA. If you have some links where I can find critical reviews like the template in ISO 14071 I would be very happy.
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From having done 20+ reviews myself, I can say that the process is structured very much by the reviewer panel. Normally, goal and scope deserves a lot of attention, as it specifies the entire study. You may therefore have one discussion about goal and scope, one about the inventory modeling, one about the conclusions and interpretation and "overall roundup", if the review is done in parallel to the study. If you want to perform the review in a very oldschool manner, you can use an excel table for collecting reviewer input (and I am only happy that in 1995 or so when this practice evolved, excel existed already, otherwise we would need to provide input via a typewriter on paper maybe). You can also just allow comments in word document e.g..