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When I evaluate the Impacts associated with the Inputs and Outputs of a Product System, an impact value associated with the Flow always appears (e.g. 'Grapes 2018') that gave rise to the System along with others. Thus, in the results of 'Grapes 2018' System I have: 0.50kg CO2-Eq for 'Diesel'; 0.30 kg CO2-Eq for 'Grapes 2018'; 0.3 kg CO2-Eq for 'Mancozeb'; 0.3 kg CO2-Eq for 'Pesticides'; etc. If for Diesel, Mancozeb, Sulfur is obvious to realize what it reports, already for 'Grapes 2018' is not ! Does it have to do with all the unidentified externalities in inputs/outputs (such as 'Human Work') ? Or what are the elements that are contemplated there?

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This just shows the linked and extended supply chains considered in the database. openLCA is I think the only LCA software that reports these in such a detailed manner, so you may see things then that are, in other LCA software with the same database, also present and calculated, but not shown and not visible.