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I am modelling a waste treatment process which uses electricity and diesel. However, when I select the input electricity and diesel, the modelling in openLCA includes the electricity production process as part of the analysis. I want to calculate the aspect of the electricity use in the process only, instead of having the whole electricity/fuel production process considered in my modelling. Can anyone assist with this? Maybe how do I set the system boundaries? thank you.
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Hi, I do not understand, what do you mean by "the aspect of the electricity use in the process" - you will see impacts over the supply chain of the electricity, thus it makes sense to add the electricity supply chain to your model?
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I mean I am assessing a process that uses electricity and fuel. that process is not explicit in the ecoinvent database so have to create it.  
thus, I would like to calculate the impact only from the process. so How do I select electricity or fuel input for my system which will not calculate the entire electricity production chain instead? because my scope is only for the consumption of electricity/fuel in the machine. If you can help