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LEED New Construction reference manual lists GaBi and SimaPro as specialist LCA tools that can be used to model whole buildings. (Customized building LCA tools are different). What would be the reason Open LCA is not listed and does anyone have any experience with using OpenLCA for LEED certification?

Thank you in advance for the answers.
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Hi Arda,

that is a good question, openLCA is as well suited as GaBi or SimaPro for building models. If you could share a reference, we can try to contact the authors.

Thank you, Andreas
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Dear Andreas,

If you can give me an e-mail adress, I can share the relevant pages of the LEED reference guide with you.

Or you may have a look at LEED credit library: https://www.usgbc.org/credits/new-construction-schools-new-construction-retail-new-construction-data-centers-new-3?view=guide#Further_explanation

If not already, you will have to become a member of USGBC to be able to view the contents.

Or you may contact them directly at: gbci.org/contact ... However, nowadays replies come delayed due to their workload.

I can also introduce you to GBCI management in Europe through private mail.