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I am trying to calculate the LCIA results of a product system but OpenLCA keeps on crashing without producing any error messages or suspicious log file entries.

I have set the maximum memory usage to 30GB which should be plenty. I also checked the statistics according to which I have 55 processes and 130 links between them. I am using system processes (instead of unit processes) where possible e.g. for electricity and diesel production. The graph is connected with 125 links to default providers, 13 links to exactly one provider and 117 links with multiple possible providers.

All these stats don't seem prohibitive to me do they? I have tried several combinations of "only link default providers", "prefer default providers" and preferred process types (unit and system) when creating the product system. None of this prevents it from crashing...

Has anyone experienced similar issues? I am wondering why I don't see at least some kind of warning or error...

Thanks for your advice!
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Hello Lars,

I need more details to understand your issue:

  1. Are you using openLCA 2.0.4?
  2. Are you using Lazy or Eager calculation?
  3. Can you check if none of your process inputs/outputs or quantitative reference is set to zero? If it is the case the calculation matrix might be singular causing openLCA to crash.
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Thank you both for your help and clarification! It is helpful to differentiate between inputs and outputs here and good to know that zero values for product inputs are not the problem .