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I have been able to successfully create product systems from a variety of processes created with Exiobase. My cutoff is set to 1E-10. For two of my product systems I am able to successfully calculate results. But for two other product systems (made in essentially the same way but with different flow values) once I attempt to calculate the mode renders no values. In place of values I see a "?" symbol in a black diamond. Looking at the log file I see and error "failed to load exchanges from cache".

Is the failed run of the product system due to too large of a cutoff value? Where else might I look to trouble shoot?
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Hi, exiobase is a somewhat heavy database that requires quite some memory - it could be that the cache is full due to your previously calculated systems. A too high cut-off should not have this effect (rather on the contrary, it should help since it reduces the system size). So for the time being, just restart openLCA to erase the cache.

- this is of course technically not too satisfying, we should have a better solutiuon soon

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