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I was able to create a product system and successfully calculate analysis results. However, I changed some of the amounts in processes from input variables to dependent variables, when trying to re-calculate the analysis there is a "?" in a black diamond in place of the values. The log file doesn't show any errors.

Where should I look to troubleshoot?
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That happens if the system does not converge, i.e. has loops that do not converge, and this can be if you change parameters so that e.g. out of 1 kg material 1.5 kg material is created. The results then become infinitely high (and don't make sense); the calculation libraries throw error messages, but for now, these messages are not passed to the openLCA log file. We are working on passing these in the next version to become more transparent, FYI.
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Thanks for your help I found the parameter which was causing the system not to converge.