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Hello everyone, 

I am a bit confused about evaluating the results of my model and require your suggestions. I have used the following input and output flows for my model. 

But during the evaluation step, in the "impact analysis" and "contribution tree" tab, I am getting different processes.

So, my questions are - 

1. What are the implications of each of these tabs? Which tab is used in which specific context?

2. Why do they provide different processes, although the final impact results are the same?

Thank you.

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Hi, I will try ->

- the impact analysis tab shows the final results with the final, direct contributions by flow and process. So, e.g., you have "electricity by coal power plant" 10 times in your model since the electricity is used in 10 different parts of the supply chain, then you get the aggregated impact for the coal power plant and its emissions (e.g., CO2) in the impact analysis. Aggregated does not mean aggregated for the rest of the supply chain of the coal power plant (for coal extraction, transport, ...) but all 10 instances of the plant process are aggregated.

- in the contribution tree, you can "walk" through the supply chain, and you will see each separate supply chain and the coal power plant will appear each time, with the contribution it has in this specific supply chain.

I hope this clarifies?

Best wishes,

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Thank you Dr Ciroth for describing. Now these make much more sense.