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Dear all,

I work with the EN 15804 A1 method and I can't explain some results.

For example, for the indicator "Hazardous waste" I find a result of 50 kgHW but my product weighs 28 kg.

With another method (other software), I have results that are around 2.5 kgHW for the same product.

Can you help me to understand the differences?

Thanks and kind regards
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Hi, are you using the EN15804 add-on? We also observe that the amount of waste is higher than in other sources, but believe this is the correct result from ecoinvent. Waste needs to be specifically addressed to show up in the calculation result, and if you do not do this (or do this incompletely), you get 0 to lower result. You of course need to pay attention to not double count waste in waste treatment chains, but I believe we do this. This is an explanation for lower results in other systems. Another explanation for especially GaBi can be that GaBi seems to model incomplete life cycle systems only, following only the "assumed relevant" parts of a supply chain.

Hope this helps, best wishes,