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I have purchased the EcoInvent database from OpenLCA Nexus. I see that there are a number of files and I am not sure what are the differences between them. For example, I have determined that I will use the cut-off allocation database. However, I see that there are three files:

I am not sure what are the differences between them – do I pick one or I need to combine them into one database?

Many thanks, have a nice day! =)

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You can access all database options with a license, but usually you pick one for your project/analysis. Never mix different system models. The ecoinvent databases are named by:


version - "3.9.1" as an example

system-model - "Cutoff": system model "Allocation, cutoff by classification"

system-model - "Consequential": system model "Substitution, consequential long-term"

system-model - "APOS": Allocation at the point of substitution 

datasets - "UNIT": database with unit processes UPR (recommended)

datasets - "LCI": database with only system processes (fully aggregated life cycle inventories LCI) instead of unit processes

other - "Regionalized": additionally to the "standard" ecoinvent database with unit processes, it is also possible to download the same databases with additional informations on the location (region-specific) of some elementary flows in the processes, where applicable (see the database implementation report for more information)

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Many thanks for your explanation! =)