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In oLCA, we need KML-data for the LCI, and shapefile-data (a bunch of coordinates and a bunch of corresponding characterization factors) to even make the model run.

However, I cannot seem to find specific shapefiles for each impact category for any LCIA-method (e.g. Impact World+ or ReCiPe).... What is that about?

Obviously the coordinates are a one-time-thing, but the sets of factors should be there for the entire list of impact caregories... right?   Help me here.
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THey are the same thing. You can just use the same file on both LCI and LCIA.

Furthermore. The shpfile you use can be multiple columns. First col with coordinates and one additional col for each categroy you wanna assess
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Hi Simon, good question, indeed this was not too popular, and the overall calculation is taking really time in openLCA 1.x the first time it is done; we have decided to simplify the regionalised calculation a lot but delivering the same detailed outputs, in openLCA 2, and we do not use shapefiles any more. We are preparing documentation with the release of openLCA 2.
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Hi Andreas, this is incredibly helpful. I just downloaded the 2.0 beta a few days ago. And am looking forward to try it out.
I read the 'readme', which indicated that the beta is fairly close to release stage. I am on a schedule for my thesis, so I will for sure not be waiting.
I failed to find whether the issues being treated (according to the priority list given) include know calculation mistakes, or if it is just some missing features. Can you elaborate on this?

Thanks for making a beautiful tool.