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We are developing a Java app using the olca-core and olca-io libraries to calculate and export our product systems to an Excel file.

Since we migrate from JDK 1.8 to JDK 11, our application server crashes during OpenLCA calculation. We have tried a lot of things (memory upgrade, other JDK11 versions,...) but without success.

Could you confirm OpenLCA compatibilty with Java 11 ? We are using OpenLCA 1.11.0. Any hints are welcome

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openLCA <= 1.11 only works with Java 8 because of some library dependencies that are not compatible with newer Java versions. The only way would be to update these dependencies but this requires changes in the code. openLCA >= 2.00 (not available in the Maven Central yet, but can be build and linked from source) works with Java >= 17; but the API changed here (with a lot of improvements). If possible, then the best option is probably to directly update to Java 17 and go with openLCA 2.
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Thanks for the response, do you know when openlca 2.0 will be released?