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I am using the EuGeos impact assessment method of 15804 A2 2020 through OpenLCA to calculate the necessary environmental impacts for a construction product EPD.

According to PCR:2019 for construction products I have to also calculate GWP-GHG indicator. The impact assessment method contains the following GWP indicators:

  1. GWP CO2 outake
  2. GWP biogenic
  3. GWP fossil
  4. GWP land transformation
  5. GWP total

I have surmised after some research that in order to calculate the GWP-GHG, the formula is either GWP total - GWP biogenic = GWP - GHG or GWP total - GWP biogenic - GWP COW uptake = GWP-GHG, but I am not sure.

Can you help me with this issue? Is one of the above formulas or I have to follow another one?

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