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Hi everyone. I am struggling with this apparently easy operation. I have already look for other similar questions, but I didn't get the solution.

I just need to copy a process from ecoinvent database to agrybalise.

What I am doing is to export the process I need in EcoSpold format (xml) and then import in the 2nd database.

For everything I do it, also importing the impact assessment method, I don't get any result (everything is zero). What I am missing and what I am doing wrong?

I see that agrybalise as some process named as "copied from Ecoinvent", I just need to do the same but for some processes that are not there.

I already tried to merge the 2 databases to have everything there, but it didnt work (process is too long). Thank you everyone
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Hi, you should not use EcoSpold1 but JSON-LD as format for the file exchange, EcoSpold does not cover all details of a process well (e.g. parameters). Then, the elementary flows are different between ecoinvent and Agribalyse, therefore you will need to apply a flow mapping (and, add the flows from the import that do not fit to the LCIA method in the target database). Good luck!