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I want to redefine the formula of a dependent parameter on product system level. This way I can compare different modeling possibilities using different scenarios.

I tried to copy & paste the parameter-sets from Excel with the new formula in the "amount" column, this leads to a "0.0" value.

Am I supposed to do it manually with toggles to switch different dependent parameters on/off or is there an easier way?

Best regards and thanks in advance
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Hi, what do you mean by "redefine"? Change the parameter values? This is possible via the parameter tab in the product system. Changing the formula (i.e. the mathematical relation) is not possible on the product system level. Maybe you need to provide more about your case, i.e. the specific formulas. Thank you.
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Hi Andreas,
thanks for the feedback and sorry for the vague wording. I want to change the formula of a dependent variable (e.g. var1=var2*var3 --> var1=var4/var5).
Seems like I have to do it manually, which fortunately is not too much effort in my case. For bigger tasks, maybe I could use SQL but I'm not that confident with this yet.
Would still be great if in the future there was a way to do it via the parameters tab at the product system level. Anyways, my case is probably too specific to be worth the development effort though.

Many greetings